Optical consultancy, optical system design and plastic optics

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Our mission is to offer extensive optical, opto-mechanical and injection mould tooling design services to ensure your project is a success.

Consultancy for major companies

Opto-mechanical design

Rapid Prototyping and modelling

Fresnels for P.I.R. movement sensing

LED Lighting & Lumaire Design

Laser scanners and printing systems

Exciting new designs & projects

Helipad light guidance illuminator beacon
Highly collimated illuminator for a white light hologram
Satellite optics design for a leading UK University
Eye testing instrument for a London based University
High level motion sensor for car parks
Optics design and development of a remote domestic smart meter monitor
Optics for door entry systems for the sight impaired
Miners LED illumination optic
Domestic fire alarm beacon optics
Diffractive contact lens development.
Sunclip for sports sunglasses. see our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/sunclip.eyewear.7
Optical consultant