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Custom Opto-Mechanical Jigs

Custom Design of Precision Alignment and Test Jigs

We have full PRO E and Microstation CAD capability for specialist jig designs. Including custom optical mounts and robust mechanisms, meeting high precision, high stability requirements, particularly where access is restricted.

We can also advise on A.O. (Acousto-Optic) and E.O. (Electro-Optic) modulator alignment within complex systems. Diagnostic tools have also been produced by us for CO2 laser marking systems (application: code & date marking of plastic components). In the field of opthalmics, we have developed a novel microscope for precisely characterising contact lens moulds and jigs for MTF evaluation of diffractive contact lenses.

Test jigs using fourier optics techniques have been developed for the testing of spatial light modulators (512 X 512 pixels), both in phase and transmission.

We also have expertise in multichannel fibre-optic and waveguide jigs for aligning to sub-micron accuracy.

In head mounted display applications, we have produced jigs to align truncated aspheric optics and HOE’s in extremely folded systems. Alignment jigs for a pre-press systems and ‘flying spot’ scanners are also our speciality.

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