Optical consultancy, optical system design, lighting design and plastic optics

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Our Skills

  • High level academic training in Physics and applied optics to masters level
  • Experience in optics design using zemax optical design software and Optics studio
  • Wide experience in opto-mechanical systems for pre-press including field work in Japan on the world first multi-flying spot laser scanner.
  • Track record in the design and moulding of infrared optics for defence and commercial applications
  • Sucessful consulting to a number of leading UK research universities
  • Design and make of virtual reality optics including complex types such as bandwith requirement reducing synopter ( stereo effect ) optics
  • Managing skilled technicians in the making of true optical prototypes including silicone  optical components
  • Production and design of long range , narrow LED illuminators
  • Involvement in automotive optics and illuminators
  • Design of a linear beam, active road stud lane delineation illuminator
  • Design of domestic water and sea water contaminants sensors
  • Ophthalmic instrument design
  • Design and injection moulding of plastic fresnel lenses and  LED  collimator lenses.
  • Freeform lens designs and aspheric lens design
  • Colour corrected multi-element lens designs
  • Diamond turned off-axis optics designs
  • All mirror microscope design
  • Design of industrial Fire and smoke sensors
  • Production of injection moulded novel solar concentrators
  • Optics design of smart phone optical accessories
  • Fibre optic light guide design
  • Design of backlights for compact passenger aircraft television displays
  • Domestic display and illuminated logo design
  • Hazard lights and 360 degree warning beacon design.
  • Bio-medical optics design.
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